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Careers at GMC Ireland
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VIDEO ABOVE - Walter and Lizbeth from GMC discuss their life within GMC.

Looking For a Real ?

Do you want to join a progressive company and take your career to a whole new level?

Are you looking to sharpen your skills and work on vital large scale projects? Do you want to build a country?

This is where you start. With us.

Engineering Opportunities. Life Opportunities.

You are in the right place. In GMC you will test yourself daily, against the elements, the logistics, obstacles so huge that people can’t think around them, or over them, or through them, but you can. Right?

Interested in building the world?  Join GMC.

Since I joined the company, I’ve been able to go from agent to senior agent to project manager, that is what GMC means when it says dedication to people. Real career paths.

Family Values

We are still a family business. We are proud of our family ethos, it comes from the top down. 

Old fashioned principles; lead by example, no job is below you, we all win together, you see that every day in GMC, it is in the culture, in the walls. 

Everyone sees, feels and acts it.

Throughout the years we have always made the maximum effort to keep everybody gainfully employed, no matter the peak or the trough. We know people built GMC.​

The GMC Career Path Leads Upwards

Strength and fortitude are just the beginning, constant and rigorous improvement, through systems and process, resulting in completion and client satisfaction. The quiet exhilaration of a finished job, being part of something bigger than yourself, building something that is part of the fabric of the island we live on.

Sound interesting?

GMC people always find their way back. People start out here thinking that everywhere is as good as this, that every place is the same, that’s why I came back, it’s why most do. GMC is not the same.

Moving Mountains

Are you ready to move mountains? Are you ready to put them back when you have finished the job? Then GMC might be the right place for you.

GMC fosters the collective spirit in each and everyone that joins. Ensuring our personal ambitions are matched by the size of the groups projects.

If this sounds appealing then GMC is for you.

Why Not Join Us?

Opportunities to create the future, to realise your ambition, to get the rewards, promotions and fulfilment from your own work and dedication.

Only you can decide how far you will go in GMC. We’ll only help you every step of the way. 

Current vacancies.

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