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GMC Utilities Group's significant experience in the design, construction, management, and implementation of large-scale water projects is an important asset in the infrastructure and utilities sector.

Water infrastructure is essential for communities and managing it efficiently and sustainably is of great importance. GMC Utilities Group`s expertise and comprehensive approach to water projects are critical in addressing the challenges associated with water supply, treatment, and distribution, as well as wastewater management.

pic of GMC water division at work

Water Network Management Services and Works

Our responsibilities for Uisce Éireann include design investigation, site surveys, leakage detection, meter and PRV installation, and mains replacement to reduce leakage levels.

Networks, Metering, Treatment Facilities & Supply

Working closely with Uisce Éireann (UE) and the supply chain, we employ industry-leading approaches like BIM and offsite construction to bring cost and time efficiency to projects.

Re-establishing District Meter Areas and using an integrated approach to manage water networks is a proactive strategy that benefits both utility providers and the communities they serve.

It allows for better management of resources, more efficient operations, and a more sustainable use of water resources. This approach aligns with modern best practices for water utility management and contributes to the overall efficiency and resilience of the water supply system.

Preventative Maintenance & Support

We also provide reactive and planned maintenance, as well as upgrades on non-infrastructure assets across Ireland. As with any cycle, this is ongoing and essential work that never stops.

From the sky to the ground, to you, and back.

Waste Water and Sewer Rehabilitation

GMC Utilities Group`s service to Uisce Éireann involves a comprehensive range of activities related to the cleaning, surveying, designing, and installation of large-diameter pipeline and sewer assets.

This work is essential for maintaining the
functionality and longevity of critical infrastructure. We have a proven track record for large and small-diameter pipeline rehabilitation around the country.

National Provision of Meter Reading Services

By introducing innovative technologies and specialist services that were not previously available in Ireland, we offer valuable solutions for utility companies and their customers. In particular, the service focuses on providing cyclical readings and special meter reads for domestic water meters within defined timescales.

"Now that we are firmly ensconced into the 21st century we can identify that water, and all aspects of water, are going to be key areas in the expansion of society."

Dermot Dolan, Contracts Manager, GMC
image of wastewater treatment plant

Rehabilitating the Wastewater Networks

Large-diameter pipelines and culverts are indeed the backbone of any sewerage and stormwater drainage network, playing a vital role in maintaining public health and environmental integrity. When these critical infrastructure components, often made from materials like brick, stone, concrete, or clay, deteriorate over time, they pose significant challenges to the functionality and sustainability of the network.

Overall, recognizing the importance of large-diameter pipelines and culverts, understanding the materials used, and prioritizing their maintenance and rehabilitation are crucial steps in ensuring the resilience and sustainability of sewerage and stormwater drainage networks. These efforts are essential for maintaining the health, safety, and quality of life for communities.
GMC Water - Sewer Rehabilitation
Sewer rehabilitation BEFORE

A 100-Year New Lease Of Life

GMC undertake structural rehabilitation of these pipelines using bespoke Structural Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP/FRP) lining systems thereby achieving an added 100-year life expectancy to the nation’s sewers.
GMC Water - Sewer Rehabilitation
Sewer rehabilitation AFTER

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