We provide network services across the island.

GMC Gas Division

GMC operate across the Gas Networks of Ireland.

GMC offer a range of services across the Transmission and Distribution Gas Networks of Ireland, North and South.

For many years GMC have worked with Gas Networks Ireland (formally Bord Gáis Networks) to maintain and upgrade the gas network.

We have also played a major role in bringing natural gas to many towns by upgrading the feeder and distribution network nationwide.

National contracts & responsibilities

GMC have been awarded the 5-year National Contract for PE Maintenance and Metering Services across the distribution network in the Republic of Ireland.

The works involve:

Distribution Networks PE Services
Distribution Networks Emergency Response Services
Distribution Networks Leak Survey Services

Distribution Networks Site Works Services
Distribution Networks Meter Reading Services
Customer Experience Service

Renewable gas

GMC are also involved in the emerging Renewable Gas Market and have in the last 24 months constructed fast fill Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations for the filling of Natural Gas Vehicles, NGVs.

The stations were principally to be connected to the GNI Gas Distribution Network.

Design, build & maintenance

GMC are contracted to GNI for the design, build and maintenance of fast fill CNG stations, including full project life cycle from preliminary design through to construction, commissioning and handover of the completed station to GNI.

Future proofing with Bio Methane & Renewable Gas

Renewable Gas and Bio Methane Gas injection are GNI’s commitment to the future.

We are working with GNI on their renewable gas injection facilities for the injection of renewable gas into gas distribution and transmission networks. 

GMC’s capability is for the design, manufacture, testing, supply, delivery, installation, commissioning and training in safe use of renewable gas injection facilities including:

  • Gas odorisation
  • Gas chromatography and analysis
  • Gas flow and pressure control
  • Gas metering
  • Enrichment with Propane or LPG
  • Control and safety requirements
  • Filtration
  • Mixing

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