We create safe, flexible and dynamic public spaces

GMC Utilities Streetscaping

Public Realm

We are right at the heart of a vital place-shaping agenda that brings together local authorities, local communities, central government and the private sector.

Our projects are geared towards community need, economic growth and sustainability. 

Working in partnership with communities

Working with Local Authorities, we enhance and maintain the structures that underpin everyday life, developing outstanding public spaces that allow communities to grow and prosper.

We specialise in highways maintenance, street lighting and public realm services.

Understanding the infrastructure

As one of Ireland’s leading civil & engineering companies, we are ideally suited to public domain work. Our experience in the various energy & water networks and our understanding of the interconnectivity involved, allows us to deliver future proof solutions for present day problems.


The Luas Cross City project

For the construction of the Luas Cross City it was necessary to divert underground pipes and cables and other services from underneath the running tracks.

This was to prevent future repair or maintenance work on these services causing tram disruptions. 

The Scope of Works included;

1,200 metres of sewer rehabilitation
4,000 metres of gas services
5,400 metres of water services
10,000 metres of telecoms services

1,900 ESB Transmission services
5,530 ESB Distribution services
44,000 metres of carriageway reinstatement
Construction of concrete sewer manholes

New services and utility connections

From improving drainage networks to the realignment of footways or upgrading the public lighting and landscaping, throughout our public projects we strive to improve our public access areas whilst ensuring minimum disruption.

Improving our connectivity and bringing us together.

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