International Women’s Day 2024

Meet Suzanne Regan, our dedicated Training Coordinator! Suzanne has been an invaluable part of our team for nearly four years, bringing her passion and expertise to every project she undertakes.

Suzanne says that she has never felt treated differently; she has always been embraced as an equal. This inclusivity speaks volumes about our company culture and the values we uphold.

Suzanne believes “Women should consider joining the construction industry as it offers a diverse range of opportunities for growth and empowerment. It’s a chance to break stereotypes and showcase skills. It’s a place where women can make an impact and inspire others to follow their lead.”
Meet Leah Murphy, our dynamic Groundworker, Dumper Driver, and Roller Driver at GMC Utilities! Leah has been a vital part of our team for over a year, bringing her dedication and skills to the forefront of every project.

Navigating a male-dominated industry can be daunting, but Leah's experience underscores the importance of persistence and finding your footing. Despite her initial worry, Leah has found her stride and emphasizes that once you do, the environment becomes comfortable and welcoming.

Leah wholeheartedly recommends women considering a career in construction. From her perspective, the industry offers a unique sense of relaxation, with individuals being straightforward and the work is self-rewarding.
Introducing Ann Peters, our accomplished Environmental Engineer who joined our team seven months ago and has been thriving ever since! Ann brings a fresh perspective to our male-dominated industry, finding joy in the diversity of trades and learning opportunities it offers.

Embracing the ever-changing nature of construction, Ann delights in the profession's myriad aspects. She sees it as a realm of endless possibilities, where one can seamlessly transition between departments, acquire new skills, and constantly evolve.
Caoimhe Bracken Price, our dedicated Quality Assurance & Control Manager, who has been an invaluable member of our team for nearly two years. When asked about her experience in the construction industry, Caoimhe reflects on the surprising lack of everyday sexism and the notable increase in the number of women in the field, although she hopes to see this trend continue to grow.

Despite being in a male-dominated industry, Caoimhe emphasizes that she receives the same level of respect as her colleagues. While working in construction as a woman presents its own set of challenges, overcoming them brings a sense of fulfillment.

Caoimhe remains captivated by the construction industry's complexity, finding empowerment in her role within it. Unlike a typical desk job, she appreciates the hands-on nature of her work, where she witnesses firsthand the construction and management of vital infrastructure.

Recognizing the importance of addressing sexism in the workplace, Caoimhe notes that the construction industry is more attuned to these issues and actively works towards overcoming them. As she continues to thrive in her role, Caoimhe embodies the empowerment of women in traditionally male-dominated fields.
Our Site Agent Rachell Du Plooy has been with GMC Utilities since October 2022.

Rachelle doesn’t believe that it’s a male dominated industry anymore. Over the years woman have shown there worth and capability to take on the construction industry head on. Rachel feels that “With our finer eye to detail and our ability to multitask we have proven it repeatedly. We have cemented our place in the industry for years to come.”

Rachelle would recommend joining the industry as it’s a multi diverse environment with unlimited opportunities. The construction industry is not only sweat and manual labor work, but also has a variety of jobs under one umbrella, and women excel in such environments. “We are more likely to upskill twice as fast to management and top leadership. We bring a different outlook to the industry.”

Rachelle's advocacy resonates with the themes of empowerment, diversity, and breaking barriers, aligning with the spirit of International Women's Day and the ongoing efforts to inspire inclusion across industries.
As we celebrate International Women's Day, let's follow our colleagues' messages and strive for greater inclusion and diversity in all sectors.
Together, let's empower women to pursue their ambitions and contribute their talents to building a better future.

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