Construction Safety Week 2019 – Thursday 24th October

GMC Utilities Group are delighted to partner with the Construction Industry Federation (CIF) for Construction Safety week which runs from Monday 21st to Friday 25th October.

Today’s focus is Vehicle Risk and Safety in Lifting Operations.

The hazards and associated liabilities with employees driving for work poses many issues, which is exacerbated through speeding or a loss of attention caused by driver distraction, fatigue or other influence (for example, intoxicant use). The HSA identifies the primary risks for fatality and injury as follows:

Main causes of fatalities
· People being struck by vehicles
· Work-related road collisions
· People falling from vehicles
· Vehicle impact and overturning
· Loads falling from vehicles.

Main causes of injury
· People struck by vehicles
· Physical strain
· Slips, trips and falls
· Items falling onto people

According to statistics shared by the Road Safety Authority (RSA), there were 139 fatal collisions and 146 fatalities on Irish Roads during 2018. The ‘Provisional Review of Fatal Collisions’ undertaken by the Road Safety Authority in 2018, demonstrates a progressively decreasing number of fatalities on roads in the Republic of Ireland. In 2017, there were 143 fatal road collisions, which led to 158 fatalities; by comparison with the preceding year (2016), this represented a reduction of 18% in the number of fatal collisions and 15% fewer fatalities.

According to the HSA, an average of twenty people are killed at Irish workplaces following interactions with vehicles. The law requires that pedestrians and vehicles must co-exist safely both in indoor and outdoor places of work. Where vehicles are operating, the vulnerable group may be co-workers, visitors or members of the public. In order to protect pedestrians, vehicle travel routes should be clearly delineated, with enough clearance space between persons and vehicles.

GMC will be delivering TBT’s across all projects on Vehicle Risk & Safety in Lifting Operations with a particular focus on Securing of Loads, Plant & People segregation control measures on site and safe lifting operations when using Grab Lorries and Excavators


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